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My Trip To Gili Meno continued……

My Trip To Gili Meno continued……

I felt unwell when I woke up in the morning, my body felt weak and bit of a fever and it’s really not good as I need to explore the Island and meet with other hotel’s managers or owners.

Well Pak Zul is a legend, he buy me a fever medicine and bring me a breakfast after he know that I’ve got fever.
I go to sleep again after taking the medicine and wake up at 12 o’clock, I feel much better.

I take a shower, and it’s time to explore this tiny Paradise Island.
There are no Bicycles you can rent in Gili Meno, it’s mostly sandy anyway, but you can hire Cidomo’s (Horse Cart) for Rp. 150.000 to Rp.250.000 approximately to explore the whole island, depending on your haggling skills.

My next destination is to meet Mr. Wira, the Villa Nautilus Manager as I’ve already made an appointment with him at 14.00pm.

Beside the fact they are famous for their beautiful private Villa rooms, Villa Nautilus is also famous for their wood fired Pizzas.
It’s takes around 5 minutes from Tropical Hideaway Resort to Villa Nautilus, and I just realized that my phone memory‘s already full to add more pictures, well it’s only 500mb.

I know you will say it’s not professional if I take a picture with phone camera’s and that was all the hotel manager’s and owner said; however phone cameras are actually really good now.

Well firstly I doubt whether there is a little shop that sells memory cards for phones on this island, but Pak Zul said there’s a small shop in the centre of Meno Island that does actually sell memory cards for phones, after walking around finally I find it, you will never believe this, the price is Rp.80.000 for a 2 gigs second hand micro sd cards. I can buy 3 new micro sd cards in Bali for the same price.

However I understand that they have to import everything from Lombok Island that’s why everything’s slightly more expensive. Well nothing I can do, still I need to buy it even it’s expensive.

Finally I arrive at Villa Nautilus and meet Pak Wira (the Manager) he’s a very nice man from Lombok and very polite.
Again they are very satisfied with our services as one of the best travel agents that work’s with them.

We have been working with Villa Nautilus now for almost 5 years and we have never had any problems at all with any of our guests.
They have beautiful gardens with lots of coconut trees and their location is right in front of Gili Meno’s main beach area and also beside a dive centre and some small shops.

They have a nice restaurant called Bibi’s Café’ with a sea view “I think it’s the best restaurant on Gili Meno”.

One of the most famous things beside the villa rooms is it is the only one place where you can find delicious wood fired pizzas.

Walking along Gili Meno’s white sandy beaches is really relaxing, the atmosphere is so quiet, the road is not too busy with Cidomo and bicycles like on Gili Trawangan, it feels like your walking in our own little piece of paradise.

On the main beach area you can find many restaurants with barugas on the beach that offer you Indonesian to European menus, all with beach vews.

I keep walking along the beach road, starting from Gili Meno harbor and it is really quiet and feels like you are walking along a deserted island, I only meet 5 other people and 2 Cidomos along Gili Meno’s sandy road, I don’t know, maybe it’s because it is low season or if it is just this laid back all the time and kuta and Bali are so hectic now..

I keep walking and find out that you still can find accommodation in this area however the buildings are a bit farther in from each other unlike the main beach area, however the sandy road was clean and relaxing, wind blowing from the seas through the trees on your left and right sides.

To Be Continued……

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