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Our NEW Gili Copter….nearly ready

Our NEW Gili Copter……

The new Gili Copter should be starting it’s twice daily service but with a journey time of only 35 to 40 minutes to / from Benoa Helipad.

Travel to the islands in style in a Bell 206B Helicopter.

Yes a new Direct helicopter service from Benoa Helipad direct to Gili Trawangan island with a helicopter flight time of only 40 minutes.

Yes only 40 minutes from Benoa to Gili Trawangan….!

Plus you also get to see a coastal tour of the eastern side of Bali with amazing views, watch the speedboats from only 1000 feet, volcanoes and coastline, this will be a very popular service for all resorts and businesses with a timetable and price that suits hotels and clients, perfect for wedding arrivals and honeymooners.

Proposed timetable –

Proposed times would be like this:

From Benoa to Trawangan’s New Helipad at 11am.

From Gili Trawangan at 11.45am to Benoa Helipad.

From Benoa Helipad to Trawangan’s New Helipad at 14.30pm.

From Trawangan’s Helipad to Benoa Helipad at 15.30pm.

This timetable leaves an option for an afternoon helicopter schedule for people arriving in the early afternoon in Bali, clients can easily make it to Gili Trawangan the same day.

This also leaves the possibility for discounted standby options for business owners and those wishing to return to Bali mid afternoon. ( More details to be released )

This is an exclusive service with a maximum of only 4 to 6 adult passengers on each leg to start with, depending on demand, babies under 2 will be free and sit on a parents lap.

The cost with this capacity helicopter will be $360 usd per person / each way, with a hand carry on luggage weight of 6kg per person, the same as carry on luggage on a commercial airliner.

(Extra luggage will be sent by fast boat and delivered to your hotel, maximum payload on the helicopter is 230kg).

There will be an opportunity for standby passengers, available for business owners and clients at either end depending on availability which may be at very short notice.

Standby tickets will be roughly 50% to 75% of the usual price and all tickets include 10% PPN.

A short safety briefing will be given for every journey in the air conditioned waiting areas at all helipads where the usual aviation standards are applicable.

More information is on this link [Click here]

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