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International Travel Writers Alliance

Island Promotions and the International Travel Writers Alliance

We are pleased to inform you that Island Promotions through myself have been asked to join the International Travel Writers Alliance, which I am very homoured to accept.

The International Travel Writers Alliance provides key information in a no frills format from professionals who travel and write, broadcast and create images for the public to have a better understanding of the destination written about.

There are currently over 7,000 professional travel writers, broadcasters and photographers in the Alliance around the world with numbers growing as the role of the Alliance becomes more well known.

The Alliance has developed an integrated range of services that support agencies with travel related clients who wish to publicise and promote their destination or travel pursuit to the very best effect.

* This is achieved through : The International Travel Writers Alliance : which reaches over 7,200 professional travel writers, editors, broadcasters and photographers,

* AllWays (, which provides features, information and incentives to the travel consumers.

While some of the services provided are free, the Alliance will also charge a fee when we work in more detail with Island Promotions agency.

Because of the wide range of services offered through the Alliance and AllWays, agencies will often produce a checklist of their requirements, which then forms the basis for further discussion.

The Alliance works with agencies on the production of a Destination dossier, a detailed media briefing on a destination or travel pursuit.

The dossier will be :

1. Distributed to all members of the Alliance as an attachment to a covering email,

2. Published on the Alliance website in a word format that is easy to use and download.

In addition, items from the dossier will be used for items in the Alliance’s bi-monthly bulletin when a link to it will be included.

Island Promotions can also use the dossier for their own press material.

Finally the dossier can form the basis for independent and group press trips organised by the agency.

Once produced the dossier can be updated and reissued annually at minimal cost, which we will do.

Good news, more time again writing and investigating, thankfully no selling ads though.

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