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Green Day Gili Eco update

Green Day Gili Eco update

On Tuesday 1st of February, the Gili Eco Trust repeated the Green Day, planting trees, vetiver grass and flowers on the hill and on the public places and roads. Helpers met at 7.30-8 am at the art market to help with the planting. Teams were allocated to different places around the island. Again bringing their best energy, smiles and green fingers!!!

The Bupati from Lombok Utara also brought bougainville trees and other trees for Gili Trawangan (last time he didnt make it because of the waves and bad weather).

On wednesday 2nd of February, Mandi Syafar starting on the beach in front of the mosque by 8am. It was a ceremony to get together and wish to everyone a clean and healthy future without disease or problems.

There was a lot of activities such as chanting, dancing, lunch, swimming, washing with mango or banana tree leaves.

Visitors and expats joined and participated in all activities, sometimes we feel these are for the local people only, but pleasingly people were not shy and, it was a ceremony where everyone were welcome and there were speeches in bahasa Indonesian and in english.

Do not forget, these kind of events help Join in all our efforts to help make get the Gili islands having a nice community sharing spirit for a good and green future!!!

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