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Always a 6m Manta at Manta dive


Manta dive was one of the pioneers in Gili Trawangan to place a Biorock reef      signsthebiorockworks_02in November 2006. The diveshop management has never stopped supporting the Biorock project since the first reef showed amazing results of coral growth and fish population increases.

The litle bubbles are the signs that it is working well and healthy, growing at
rapid rates 6-8 times faster than normal coral growth.

The Gili Eco Trust organized 3 International Biorock Workshops in 2006, 2008 and 2010. During each Biorock workshop more and more participants from all over the world came to learn about this amazing technology.

Manta Dive offered great support to the Gili Eco Trust by helping to make these International events possible and to realise and accomplish great work within the local community.

More and more reefs have been built around Trawangan, Meno and Gili Air and installed during these workshops. We have now 60+ Biorock reefs around the Gili islands.

Enjoy snorkeling or diving on them and observe these amazing marine ecosystems being revived.

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